Downloads and Links

Camera Mouse 2015 Program

The Camera Mouse 2015 program. (Version 1.2, released July 16, 2015.)

The Camera Mouse 2015 manual separately in pdf.

The Camera Mouse 2015 manual in Word so that the manual, or any parts of it, can be translated into any of over 50 languages using Google Translate or Microsoft Bing Translate.

In response to requests, here are instructions for making the mouse pointer larger and easier to see.

Here are instructions for setting Windows so that a single-click opens all programs, files, and folders instead of a double-click. This makes Windows easier to use with Camera Mouse. It also is included as a Settings option in Camera Mouse 2015.

A two page brochure on Camera Mouse.

Camera Mouse 2013 Program

The Camera Mouse 2013 program.

The Camera Mouse 2013 manual separately in pdf.

The Camera Mouse 2013 manual in Japanese (ユーザー マニュアル) kindly prepared voluntarily by Hikaru Endo. Thank you!

The Camera Mouse 2013 manual in Polish (Kamera mysz instrukcję w języku polskim) kindly prepared voluntarily by Andrzej Detlaf. Thank you!

Camera Mouse 2011 Program

The Camera Mouse 2011 program. If Camera Mouse 2015 or Camera Mouse 2013 do not work for you (for example if you have an XP computer without all the Microsoft updates) you should try Camera Mouse 2011. You can have Camera Mouse 2015, Camera Mouse 2013, and Camera Mouse 2011 installed at the same time.

The Camera Mouse 2011 manual separately in pdf.

The Camera Mouse 2011 manual in traditional Chinese (相機滑鼠) kindly prepared voluntarily by GC Kan. Thank you!

Camera Mouse Applications

Aliens and Paint. These are a simple shoot the Aliens video game program and a Paint program that work well with Camera Mouse. No clicking required. All-time favorites. Good for learning to use Camera Mouse.

Staggered Speech is a free two-level onscreen keyboard program for spelling and speaking messages that works well with Camera Mouse. It's good for new Camera Mouse users to start with Staggered Speech and then perhaps try Midas Touch.

Midas Touch is a free onscreen keyboard program for spelling and speaking messages that works well with Camera Mouse for users who have a high degree of accuracy with Camera Mouse.

Fancy Clicking

Camera Mouse has the capability of clicking and double-clicking built-in. To right click or drag with Camera Mouse you need to get an additional program.

Dwell Clicker 2 is a program from Sensory Software. Dwell Clicker 2 is an easy to use program that allows left-click, right-click, double click and dragging through its own dwell click software (rather than using the dwell click capabilities in the Camera Mouse Settings Window). A free alternative is MetaClick.

There are a wide variety of commercial adaptive switches that can be used to produce mouse clicks.

You also can click using the regular mouse. You can lift the mouse and just use the buttons. Or you can use a second mouse with tape over the red light on the bottom so that only the buttons work.

Many webcams and notebook computers have built-in microphones. Bill Marcotte, a Camera Mouse user, has developed a way to click by saying "I click", double-click by saying "I double", and so on, by using Windows Speech Recognition Macros. Bill kindly has provided instructions and the macros themselves for free download. You can read more at his blog at

Breath Control with Camera Mouse

The HAPP100 is an advanced breath controller that is designed for use with Camera Mouse (or standalone). The HAPP ("Huff and Puff Processor") allows the user to configure and lock their image onto Camera Mouse without pressing a button or having the assistance of a caregiver. Using breath alone a user can configure the Camera Mouse program and fully control the computer. Once Camera Mouse is running the HAPP gives direct control of the mouse buttons allowing easy click, double click, drag and drop, right click and scrolling without using dwell. HAPP can also run keyboard shortcuts to start other programs and key combinations for cut, copy, paste editing etc.

Device for holding up the head

Caregivers working with people who have low muscle tone in neck and trunk report great success with Headpod. It allows people full but controlled head movement. We have children using Headpod with our EagleEyes systems as well.

Email, texting, and more

Sue Center is a free self-contained program that allows you to use Camera Mouse to email, read books, text, keep a journal, and more.

Applications for kids

For teaching cause and effect and for other fun and educational activities see the free software at the Priory Woods website.

Mouse Follower is a good program to use after Aliens and Paint.

Clicker by Crick Software is a popular commercial product for education and communication that allows you to use thousands of different onscreen grids or create your own. Planet Wobble is a series of talking books based on Clicker.

ZAC Browser is designed for autistic children but is fun for all children. It contains music-making and short videos and games and other software that work well with Camera Mouse all within one free downloadable framework.

Sports Illustrated Kids Road Rally. Other Sports Illustrated Kids Sports Games. Some work with just the mouse. Those can be controlled with Camera Mouse. learn to read website.

Headsprout. Good site to use following Aliens and Paint but just the first few uses are free.

No Brainer 2 is a simple but intense quiz game. With Camera Mouse running, move your head up-and-down for Yes and side-to-side for No.

U.S.A. Geography Site

Nick Jr. Games (Diego's Puzzle Pyramid, Max Bowling, Dora's Bingo)

Funschool Basketball Shooting Hoops

Onscreen keyboard programs

Staggered Speech and Midas Touch are free onscreen keyboard programs described above under Camera Mouse Applications.

Click-N-Type virtual keyboard by Lake Software.  Click-N-Type is a free, fully adjustable, resizable, customizable onscreen keyboard that works well with Camera Mouse.  It allows you to use Camera Mouse to type in to Notepad or Word or email. Just open Camera Mouse, Click-N-Type, and your wordprocessing or email program, turn on clicking in Camera Mouse, point to the letter in the Click-N-Type keyboard on the screen long enough to click on it, and you are typing just by moving your head.

The Dynamic Keyboard is a free, clever, two-level keyboard program with dynamic prediction.

Dasher is a totally different type of onscreen spelling program that works well with Camera Mouse. Very inventive. Free. You might want to give it a try.


A young woman in London with Cerebral Palsy does Sudoku at using Camera Mouse, Point-N-Click and Click-N-Type.

Other Head-Controlled Systems

There are commercial systems that allow the mouse pointer to be controlled by moving the head. See the NaturalPoint SmartNav 4:AT ($499), the Origin Instruments HeadMouse Extreme ($995), and the Ablenet TrackerPro ($995).

There are two free programs that are similar to Camera Mouse. The HeadMouse was developed at the University of Lleida in Catalonia, Spain. Enable Viacam (eViacam) is Open Source, so the source code for the program is available at the website as well.

Eye-Controlled Systems

Eye-controlled systems are designed for people who do not have voluntary head control but can move their eyes. At Boston College we have developed EagleEyes, which is manufactured and distributed by The Opportunity Foundation of America.

Commercial eye-controlled systems are made by Tobii, LC Technologies, and other companies. Here is a list of available eye-controlled systems.

Further Readings

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